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Welcome to Hotel Savera Our hotel has been recently revamped giving you the best of our interests, Come join us for an amazing experience!!!


Hotel Savera has changed remarkably over the past few months, boasting an array of exciting new features and beautifully designed rooms, set to enhance the experience of guests.

The hotel is themed around the 1860 Indian Indentured labourers, who travelled from India to KwaZulu-Natal to work in the sugar cane fields over 150 years ago.

The entire hotel is inspired by the 1860 theme. From our forefather’s roots in India, to their voyage to South Africa, the hotel now tells a story of the struggle, the pain and more importantly the victory our forefathers endured to make a place for us in South Africa today.”

Between 1860 and 1911 about 150, 000 people left India for the shores of South Africa under the British system of indenture. They voyaged with the expectations of a bright future, leaving behind their families, friends, religious and cultural societies. During the passage, they endured a harsh and inhumane journey. Their lives in South Africa were arduous and trying, but they preserved and paved the way for future generations. Today, there is more than 1, 2 million Indians in South Africa. Chairman of the hotel Dhilosen Pillay has dedicated this hotel to those men, women and children who made that journey.
When one walks into the hotel, they are instantly attracted to the beautifully designed walls which inscribe the story of the Indentured Indians. There is a fine attention to detail in every room, each completing the story of our ancestors.

The journey starts in the Indus Lounge- an ideal place to enjoy tea, cake or a light lunch. The Indus lounge represents the society who made the decision to leave their homeland in a bid to create a better future. Then there is the VIP executive bar, which is named after the SS Truro. Inside is a serene atmosphere filled with important information pertaining to the labourers. The hotel hosts supper clubs & private functions in the Lotus room. The hotel will also see the launch of a 350 seater conference centre and 20 functional rooms, which will represent the key states of India.

For bookings:
Contact: Miss Lucelle Appalsamy
Telephone: 031 401 6111
Email: [email protected]

Address: 17 Oak Avenue, Kharwastan, 4092 Chatsworth, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Phone: 0314016111
Parking: Lot
City: Chatsworth
Street Number: 17 Oak Avenue, Kharwastan
Zip Code: 4092
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